Les pronoms personnels compléments

Object pronouns

 Subject                              Object

I                                            me
you                                       you 
he                                         him
she                                        her
it                                            it
we                                         us
they                                      them

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How to use BOTH /’bəʊθ/

BOTH, NEITHER AND EITHER | How to use BOTH/’bəʊθ/Both /’bəʊθ/ is
• used for two people or two things
• used in affirmative sentence and has a positive meaning
• takes a plural verb

Notice how BOTH is used

BOTH, NEITHER AND EITHER | Notice how BOTH is used1. Both+ noun in the plural
Both puppies are mine
2. Both of+ object pronoun/ plural countable nouns which have a determiner (his,the) before them
Both of them/the puppies are mine

BOTH + (the +) plural noun / of the/these/my/,etc + plural  noun  / of us/them, etc + are

BOTH is also used

BOTH, NEITHER AND EITHER | BOTH is also used3. Before or after the verb
They are both in the Mediterranean sea./ They both belong to wealthy people
4. Both...and is used when something is true for two people or things
Both the sailing boat and the yacht are white
5. You can use both after an object pronoun
Both the sailing boat and the yacht are white. I like them both.

Can you think of more sentences ?